Is a name card printing in Singapore still important? Yes, it is. Even with the rapidly advancing technology, a lot of professionals still deem a name card as a necessity when it comes to giving out contact information either to fellow people in the line of work or business, even to potential clients and customers.

A name card, however, can only be effective if it is designed properly. A lot of people do not really understand or even know the necessity of a well-designed name card and simply design their half-heartedly. Unfortunately, doing this will only most likely turn into a waste of money. It is important to design a name card properly and with enough effort so that you can get one that gives out information effectively as well as leave strong enough impression to get you remembered.

1. Legibility

Ensuring legibility is important. A name card’s content must be able to be read without too much effort. What you have to pay attention to when it comes to making sure that your name card is legible is the font. This includes the font style, font style, and even spacing between the lines as well as the font color.

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a font style for a name card, from simple ones to heavily stylized ones. For a name card, a simpler font style is a lot preferred because it is easier to be read. A simple font style does not straight up mean that it is boring. If you can combine it well with the other design elements, it can look nice. Next, the size. A font size of a name card shouldn’t be too big or too small either. You should also pay attention to which words or lines that need to be bigger or smaller than the others for a good emphasis and balance. As for the color, you have to try and make it in strong contrast with the background color. Meaning that if you choose a light color for the background, then the font color must be of a dark color so that it can stand out against the background and be read much easier.

2. Design for your audience

Try to think about your audience as you design your name card. Your name card needs to be able to provide the right information about you in a simple way toward the recipient. This means that you have to make sure that you put only the relevant information in your name card and design it in a way that they can associate your name card easily with you and your company. For example, if you are an accountant, try to find or design a name card theme that can represent yourself well. Don’t design your name card in an unrelated theme or include images that have no correlation to your position or line of work. If you have two different occupations, then you have to make a personalized name card for each and make sure you don’t mix them up as you hand them out to people.

3. Printing

This aspect of name card production is important. Not only good design is required, but also high-quality printing. Choose a printing shop or service that can produce high-quality printing. Usually, places like this also will be able to provide you with many finishes options that can help you enhance the look and quality of your name card.

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