There are a lot of different types of invitation card printing in Singapore. They are used for different things. But one thing that’s the same for all of these invitation cards is that they all need to look appealing and, well, inviting. It is important to create a great first impression on your event’s guests, and a great looking invitation card is the best way you can do it. 

While it is important to pay attention to the content, typography, colors, and other design embellishments, it is also important to remember to choose a proper type of card stock for invitation card printing. 

Many people dismiss the importance of a high-quality card and settle for a cheap one while in fact, the quality of the card stock can really affect the overall look of the invitation card. 

So that you don’t make the same mistake, here are some of the card stock types worth considering for your invitation card. 

1. Cotton Card Stock 

The cotton card stock is smooth to touch, and it is highly adsorbent. It is one of the best choices for laser printing. With this type of card stock, you can make wedding invitations that look elegant, clean, and modern. Moreover, the cotton card stock is photo safe, meaning that it can last a long time in scrapbook and wedding albums for years. There are three colors you can choose for this type of card stock, which are white, ivory, and grey. 

2. Linen Card Stock 

The linen card stock is another favourite. It looks like linen fabric with a delicate texture. The finish is matte looking and appears like woven linen. Compared to the cotton card stock, there are more color options. However, it is still considerably limited. 

3. Canvas Card Stock 

This type of card stock for invitation card printing is also textured. The texture on a canvas card stock is more noticeable compared to linen card stock. Don’t worry, this card stock is not thick. In fact, this one is still thin enough to go through even home printers. 

4. Parchment Card Stock 

The parchment card stock is a semi-translucent paper. With this card stock, your invitation card will have a slightly marbled look with a soft and subtle feel. It isn’t thick, but it can be layered with vellum or cotton card stock if you need more depth for your invitation card. It is great for wedding invitation card as it will create a unique look. 

5. Felt Card Stock 

If you want a thick card stock, this one is for you. It is less thin than canvas, but thicker than cotton. It feels smooth yet coarse and can even be printed with home printers. Don’t worry, it is still quite affordable especially considering the quality it offers you. 

So, have you made up your mind regarding which type of card stock will you choose for your invitation card? Take your time in deciding and make sure you get the most suitable one for your event. 

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