Halal places to eat in the UK are actually very easy to find, especially in London. London is one of the safest countries for Muslims in carrying out their worship at this time.

There are 423 mosques that have been established in London. Some churches have even turned into mosques. Not only was the building the place of worship, but the congregation also changed religion from non-Muslims to Muslims.

This has had an impact on the growing number of halal restaurants in London. Here are some restaurants where you can eat halal that you can go to in the UK:

1. Chicken Cottage

One of the restaurants in London that already has halal certification is the Chicken Cottage. The place is a halal food restaurant in England which is a fast-food restaurant that sells chicken menus.

Call it 4 wings chicken cottage menu fulfilling, a menu that already includes rice, only priced at 2 pounds. For those of you who are studying in England, the price offered is of course very cheap to live in England.

2. Bina Tandoori, Caversham

The next restaurant is located on Prospect Street, Caversham, Berkshire. This restaurant is a home-based restaurant that has an entire Halal buffet which can be seen right on the sign. Bina Tandoori Restaurant has weekly menu packages available on Sundays; which are available from noon to 22.00 local time. The 9.95 British pounds is the price you have to pay to pay for the packages.

Another thing is that for children, it is enough to pay 6.95 British pounds for kids under 10 years old. The restaurant manager provides a dedicated space for customers to place orders, and for those of you who want to hold events with your family or colleagues. In addition to the weekly package, visitors can also enjoy the daily package with various menus provided.

3. Miah’s Garden of Gulab

The next halal place to eat in the UK is Miah’s Garden of Gulab, a very family-friendly restaurant, which has three branches in Berkshire. On Wokingham Road, you can find Miah’s Garden of Gulab restaurant. Also in the Basingstoke Road area, Spencers Wood, you can find Miah’s Spencers Wood. And in Reading Road, Pangbourne, Berkshire, there is also a branch of this restaurant by the name of Imas Of Pangbourne.

The Miah’s Garden of Gulab restaurant is a dining place that mainly serves Indian cuisine. The halal-certified meat offered is coated with spices that are slightly similar to the exotic Asian spices.

For those of you who miss the South East Asian spice menu, there’s nothing wrong with trying this restaurant. Although the composition of the menu served is different from the concoction of the menu in South East Asia, you will find the typical spice cuisines in this Indian restaurant.

And those are the good restaurants you can visit if you wish to look for halal food around London. Most of them are great and able to deliver delicious meals at affordable prices.

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