Every great designer gets their inspiration from others. Therefore, if you are keen on a successful and creative career in graphic design, you need to know who the leaders are.

Social media is a perfect channel to unleash your creativity on Instagram and Pinterest specifically. If you offer a unique graphic design service, it can garner thousands -if not millions, of followers once it is viral. And before you know it, you can become one of the leading graphic designers, just like these six graphic designers.

From flashy to minimalistic designs, these creatives are renowned in their fields. Learn a thing or the other from their styles and use them to showcase your artistry on platforms that can make it go viral. On top of that, ensure that all your social media posts are compelling so people can hit on the follow button.

1. Kati Forner

Renowned for her terrific book design for Victoria Will, the Los Angeles-based graphic designer has 12 years of experience in digital, print designs, and production. She kickstarted her professional design career in Chicago, working alongside numerous innovative agencies. Some years back, she launched her creative studio in Los Angeles, where she has built a comprehensive identity for several fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. She creates minimalist and elegant designs, and I particularly fancy her latest editorial design for Victoria Will.

2. Marta Veludo

Inspired by folk art, Tumblr, inventions, compositions, movement, colors, pop culture, Marta Veludo currently works at Staples and Departmento in Amsterdam as a designer. Whether digitally or in the three-dimensional realm, Marta creates a delicate balance between several disciplines and media to create engaging experiences. Some noteworthy clients are Addidas, LEGO, Vice, and Reebok. The latest highlight project is a Staple and Departmento-commissioned project involving a redesign for all the time black book.

3. Alex Trochut

The Barcelona-born designer developed his design studio in his home before moving to New York. Using expressive visual styles, his designs have attracted several heavyweight clients like Apple, Nike, Coca Cola, etc. He recently gave a lecture at Shillington in New York too. Expect more of Trochut on the contemporary scene.

4. Kate Moross

As an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator, Morosss works encompass moving imagery, typography, and art direction. In 2012, she created Studio Moross, a multidisciplinary design brand in London that serves as an expansion to her works and a way to work together and collaborate with other creatives. I especially like her latest live mural at Uniqlo flagship store at Londons Oxford street.

5. Timothy Goodman

In his years as a designer, illustrator, and author, several of his arts and words have populated buildings, cars, people, packages, walls, book covers, magazines, galleries worldwide. Some of his clients include Samsung, Netflix, Uniqlo, just to name a few. His latest accomplishment was the launch of a global collection of clothing alongside Uniqlo.

6. Elana Schlenker

Having collaborated with brands of all sizes, Elana specializes in interactive works and visual identities. Some noteworthy clients include Conde Nast, Princeton Press, The New Yorker, and more. Apart from her commissioned projects, Elana also runs the gratuitous type, a graphic design magazine that features leading creatives projects and interviews. She also runs less than 100, a shop aiming to archive gender wage parity.