If the think about it, graphic design is evolving in such a speed rate, that we all should follow the pace thoroughly to know all the new elements, innovations and software that is launching to understand it fully.

Of course, for all of us who are just in love with graphic design and stick to one area of it, there’s no need to be an absolute professional in most cases. You just have to understand the basics and exceed at your own pace.

Here are some types and methods that take a huge part of our lives, whether we realize it or not.

Graphic design has a broad range. It offers opportunities for individuals from all walks of life.

  • Motion graphics design – or in on other words “animation”.  It can bring multiple elements to life with specialized software and skills. It is used in TV Shows, video games, movies, advertising, etc.
  • Website design – in the last decade one of the most talked-about topics is website design. It takes a big part of website building, more intuitive pages, loading speed, media representation, text and search engines love when the sites are well-optimized for user experience (UX).
  • User Experience – as we said it above, UX is a top-ranking factor for websites, but it is pivotal in web applications, mobile and smart devices as well. Everybody loves a service or product that is user-friendly, can’t we agree all?

Now graphic designers are advancing in drawing directly on their digital tablets and can create so much easier.  Devices and technology, in general, are pretty well-optimized.

In the past, even 30 years ago it was way more difficult. And we are not only talking that computers were more basic, but their parts and components were weaker than current years.

Before that, people in the 50’s, the ’60s and 70s were drawing all their icons, typography letters and images on paper and they were using way more sophisticate technology to print them and get the design ready for whatever.

Some of the graphic designs were black and white, others were coloured, which was way more difficult in the past, due to the lack of technology. Even the remarkable black and white movies from the past have colourful posters because people were making an actual representation of the real thing.

Whether if graphic design is moving in the right direction, there is no second guess about that. Nowadays is easier than ever to start and give unlimited sources of information to express your creative genius.

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