Thank you cards come in different types and forms. This depends on the format and recipient of the card. This post talks about the various types of thank you cards. A thank you card is for showing gratitude or appreciating someone. The types of thank you cards are below.

Types of Thank You Cards According To Format

Online Thank You Cards

This type of thank you card is normally sent online. They are electronic copies of thank you cards. They are made using online softwares and then sent to the recipient. This type of thank you card is becoming common today. The cards are sent through various online mechanisms to show gratitude to someone.

Printable or hard copy Thank You cards

This type of thank you card is made manually. They are made with various designs and shapes manually and are sent using mails, the same way someone mails a check. This type of card can also be given out directly to the person face to face. It is a common type of Thank You card.

Types of Thank You cards according to content

Thank You Cards for a Gift

This is a type of thank you card that is used when someone gets a gift. Religious milestones, baby showers, holidays, weddings and birthdays are such events that call for thank you cards. When someone puts in money and time to send a gift to you, you can thank the person with a Thank You card. You can also add something towards the conclusion to call the season out like Happy New Year, Season’s Greetings, Happy Hanukal, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas etc. People may send a professional gift to you. A firm may send you a gift basket. Clients can send gifts to a firm or vice versa. Sending a Thank You card with a personalised message is a considerable option.

Thank You cards for coming to an event

You can send thank you cards to people for coming to an event. This may be to thank someone for coming to your party or attending your event. Sending a Thank You card is a way to appreciate them. You can say things in the card like, ‘ Thank you for attending our party. We are glad you came’, ‘ We are thankful for your gifts to us at the party’ and so on.

Thank You cards for Hospitality

These cards thank people for their hospitality. Hospitality could be of different forms and may refer to your coworkers, boss, family and friends or thanking a great coworker. This may be on a trip. You can say things in the card like, ‘My wife or husband and I had a wonderful time with you’, ‘ thank you for inviting us. It was a blast’. ‘Thank you for your hospitality over the weekend. It was nice spending the time with you’. Helping out is a form of hospitality, and you can thank people for helping out one way or the other.

Sympathy Thank You cards

This type of Thank You cards express sympathy. It expresses sympathy to someone in a sorrowful moment. It is a card when someone is sick or at the loss of someone. This type of card goes with condolences. 

Business Thank You cards

Thank You cards can be for your customers. This is used to enhance interaction with customers. Such Thank You cards can be for your employees.

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