Graphic design has been through a lot in recent years. Of course, as 2020 is sliding away, we are preparing for next year.

Let’s see what will be valuable and might come back or pop up in 2021 when it comes to graphic design trends that are going to flood the market. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Some specialists refer to the following types of graphic design to appear or reappear in the following months. If you are a fan of it you are working in the field, it would be great to keep an eye on everything new that is coming out.

  1. More Advanced 3D Designs

Yes, we know, 3D designs are nothing new but what might be is the representation of it. With software and hardware getting more advanced, we can expect 3D designs on pretty much anything – from TV shows to movies, animation, applications, 3D games, Virtual Reality (VR) and so much more.

In 2021 it is expected 3D to become even more impactful even in advertising. People are starting to love more images and advertisements that coming to life. Be prepared for an interesting year in graphic design.

  • Nature Elements and Packaging

As we are living in a society when more and more people are getting obsessed with living eco-friendly, being vegan and eating healthy snacks during the day, we can proudly predict that designs in packaging are going advance in 2021.

People want to buy products with packages that are more eco-friendly to the environment and that degrade faster, no matter the circumstances. Also, we love the information about the food and facts about how healthy it is.

It is an interesting niche to advance in that type of design and will surely not go out of style soon.

  • Data and Visualization Design

When it comes to being socially aware, people in the last few years love to buy products and services that are eco-friendly to the environment and are giving actual information to the consumer.

Let’s take Apple, for example, they claim to produce their recent devices from recyclable materials and they are cutting from plastic elements in the box with newer launches. Their story is that by doing this they are more conscious about the environment.

True or not, this design and marketing trick is working 100%. Not only they have more pre-orders than ever, but the company is skyrocketing to new heights in the industry.

And last but not least, guys, everything is about design and marketing. The way you present a product is how well you sell afterwards.

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