Offering a graphic design service deals primarily with developing ideas into a visual reality. Needless to say, it is never a simple task. With more brands looking for cutting edge graphics, it is essential for graphic designers from beginner to experts to know those things that work and those that don’t.

Every design is a unique platform for you to showcase your ideas, but a few design tips and tricks can guide you through the intricate process. For that reason, here are seven graphic design tips and tricks to help you craft your next remarkable design.

1. Limit the amount of fonts used

Professional graphic designers suggest that you use various fonts through your designs, but they know that one can quickly go overboard. Using lots of fonts might give the human eye a tough time viewing your designs. Try out just about three fonts and see how they blend, but ensure that the total overall font used is under three.

2. Utilize contrasting colors

Unlike charges attract. The sample principle applies to graphic design. The human eye gets attracted to colors that stand out, so let your designs pop by using contrasts. Using contrasting color schemes such as yellow and black will leave an excellent impression on those who see your designs.

3. Use a small color scheme

Again, you don’t need to load your design with a flashy and extravagant color variety. Try focusing on the three primary colors and blend with three additional secondary colors. You can utilize various tones of similar color schemes by regulating the brightness. It is crucial to recall that fonts must stand out relative to the background.

4. Leverage the white space

The white space is an additional advantage. Ever looked at an apple ad and wondered why it appeared so eye-catching and crisp? Most of the credit goes to the white background. If you believe that those crazy fonts and flashy color schemes are not for you, using white space might be an option. It prevents the message you are trying to pass from getting caught up in the web of extravagant colors and imageries, as the viewers will get a clear idea of the focus.

5. Clear and crisp imagery

Taking of imagery, ensure that you select images with high resolution that is ideal for the tone of the design and pleasing to view. Similar to how you can make texts on an image background transparent, you can also adjust the background image brightness to improve contrast further. That makes the texts more legible and pictures more explicit.

6. Apply the hierarchy

Average human attention lasts for about eight seconds, so it is vital to grab the viewer’s attention for as long as possible and direct them to the main idea. Hierarchy in graphic design is all about creating layouts that guide the observer toward the message you are trying to deliver. Use colors, texts, imagery, and other approaches to highlight the important part of your design.

7. Be you

Finally, ensure that you are always seeking inspiration from inside you. At the end of the day, you know what’s best to achieve your goal since you’re the one guiding the design. Trust your instinct.

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